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It's a solid, tried-and-true top performer for its class. A fantastic first machine.


My machine is rebadged as a Starbucks Proteo Romanza, but the crappy paint job and white lettering hasn't affected its performance thus far. The bottom of the machine still says "Gaggia" and "Coffee".

Solid construction. Reliable. Plenty of power. Nearly indestructable

Hmm.. um.. hrmm ; The steam wand isn't so great, but it's not a huge setback ; The steaming power isn't what I would like it to be, but then again, I really like to entertain with it ; Hmm.. I really don't have much to complain about

Maj 2010

Användarrecension (

If you finally want to have real espresso at home, this espresso maker will show you the way. I plan on having this machine for quite a while.


After owning 3 steam espresso makers, I finally get to taste real espresso in my own home. We learned all about crema and espresso while researching our Gaggia purchase.

Nice heavy group head ; Heats up well / quickly ; Easy to use drip tray ; 58 mm filter has single and double baskets ; Sticky feet keep this unit stable

Sticky feet make this unit hard to fill ; Plastic handle on portafilter end cap falls off ; Portafilter continues to drip after shot is done ; Baskets get loose when we use the knock box

Aug 2009

Användarrecension (

Solid, consistent, a fast heater, a good looker, a bit noisy but worth it in the end!


Me and my partner agree that we can make better espresso and americanos at home with this machine than any coffee shop or cafe that we frequent especially since we invested in a Maestro burr grinder that compliments our Gaggia perfectly! We were lucky...

A solid little machine! Looks great, makes great espresso to boot

A tad on the noisy side. The cat was freaked out at first but now sleeps right through the morning brew... ahhh now she has to get used to our new grinder! Gaggia Coffee is a bit leaky and the puck is a bit soupy but I read that is quite normal for...

Nov 2008

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For $300 dollars it is a great machine and makes top notch espresso.


The gaggia coffee, I have the regular non-deluxe, is all I hoped and expected it to be. Being used to a regular steam wand (one without the foaming contraption) the foamer took some getting used to but with some trial and error, it is manageable. At...

Easy to use and clean. Front and top access to reservoir (great for location flexibility). Sturdy and built to last. Makes great espresso--great crema--with right grind

Can be difficult to find the right grind, it must be very fine. Must be cleaned quite regularly. Can only produce two shots at a time

Sep 2007

Användarrecension (

This machine is the real mc coy!


I love coffee, but never had a "real" espresso machine. Took a coffee class in Portland and Alex Fisenko, who gave the class (a great guy, who has subsequently passed away unexpectedly) told me that Gaggia made some good machines that would allow you...

Solid, metal, machine. Portafilter chromed brass. Heats fast. Great frother. Makes espresso better that the shops

Pretty loud, scares the dog

Aug 2007

Användarrecension (

Great quality machine at a great price, except for the sub-par foaming ability.


Let me just start by saying that I'm a relative newbie to coffee. Although I've drank cappucinos and lattes off an on for years (mostly after meals at nice restaurants), I've only just started to get into it in earnest. 99% of why I wanted a decent...

Warms up pretty quickly, nice heavy professional portafilter, easy to use, comes with everything you need

Mediocre steaming, no 3 way solenoid, panarello wand kept flying off

Jan 2007

Användarrecension (

Purchased two machines back to back... one broken, other defective.


I read many reviews prior to purchasing my Gaggia Coffee. I felt good that I was going to get a good machine at the price I was paying but did not have any illusions that I was getting more than a solid $298 espresso machine. After receiving two...

Body of machine is very heavy and appears to be strudy. Did not feel tinny at all

First Gaggia Coffee was purchased from Whole Latta Love and was bent and broken. Had to send it back. Second Gaggia Coffee from Whole Latta Love had defective water pump and had to be sent back. Not a very attractive machine

Apr 2006

Användarrecension (

The Gaggia Coffee is a no-frills machine that is one of the best values around.


You know those bumper stickers that say "My other car is a Mercedes"? Well, my other espresso maker is a Pasquini Livia. :-) But when I decided to buy a second machine for another location, I decided to go with a less expensive, but still quality,...

Commercial-size group head ; Heavy portafilter ; Quick warm-up time

Turbo-frothing wand

Mar 2006

Användarrecension (

Great machine but dont skimp on the grinder!!!


In general I'm very satisfied with my Gaggia Coffee. It produces outstanding shots now that Im familiar with it. I've contemplated various times on getting a high-grade prosumer machine but now that I've figured the machine out and modified it to my...

1) Fast heat up times. The manual recommends 6 minutes. I typically turn the machine on and let it warm up for ~15 minutes. Thirty minutes is ideal so that the group reaches optimal temperature (very hot!) ; 2) Relatively easy to modify. In my case...

1) The steam valve leaks. This can be a bit annoying at times. Keep a kitchen towel on standby and you should be all set ; 2) When I purchased this machine, I did not like the steam wand from day one. After removing the frothing aid device it's a bit...

Aug 2005

Användarrecension (

It‘s a big machine that does exactly what its supposed to do.


Easy to fill, easy to clean, fast heatup and tons of steam (for a 20oz. pitcher). After many trips to europe I decided there was no reason I couldn‘t make espresso at home - and now I can. Right out of the box (and after a pound of experimental beans)...

It looks like a coffee maker, not a spaceship. Well built, functional, simple design. Mucho steam and quick recycling for multiple shots. Dip tray is easy-out and easy clean

It looks like a coffee maker, not a spaceship. I actually wanted something that looked more like a spaceship, but they were too expensive. You may have to put the machine in a headlock to loosen a snug portafilter, but that may be the case with any...

Jun 2005

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Amazon Gaggia 886948011010 Kaffemaskin, 1500W, Silver, Svart
Professionell förkromad sänkhållare
4050 kr TILL BUTIK
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Sju bärare för original italiensk espresso med pressurized Crema-ventil för en fast och läcker crema
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Amazon Gaggia Brera Kaffemaskin, 1.2L, Silver
Max. Pumptryck = 15 bar
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Amazon Gaggia Viva Prestige kaffemaskin
Tryckfilterhållare "Perfekt kräm"
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Amazon Gaggia (996530038904) 8301006000 Panarello Steam...
Replace broken milk frother part
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