Amazon Kindle 2

alaTest har samlat in och analyserat 472 tester för Amazon Kindle 2. Det genomsnittliga betyget av denna produkt är 3.8/5, att jämföra med genomsnittsbetyget 4.1/5 för produkter i samma kategori. Designen och skärmen uppskattas av många men lagringen uppskattas inte lika mycket.

bärbarhet, användarvänlighet, prisvärdhet, skärm, design

Tillförlitlighet, lagring

Användare ger produkten betyget 76/100 och experter ger produkten betyg 74/100 i genomsnitt.


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Expertrecension från : Good Gear (

Amazon's famous Kindle eBook reader is finally available in Australia


Amazon's Kindle is certainly an interesting device, even if it's not without its faults. The e-ink screen is exceptionally good, the ability to browse and buy books wirelessly is a great feature, and the physical design is both attractive and...

Excellent e-ink display, Easy to use and navigate, Great battery life

No native PDF support, Kindle model is closed and content is DRM protected, No effective way to sort purchased content

Nov 2010

Expertrecension från : Melissa J. Perenson (

Amazon Kindle 2


Critical design changes make the Amazon Kindle 2 more appealing than the preceding model.

Improves on the original Amazon Kindle

Joystick feels stiff and is awkwardly placed

A definite improvement on the original Amazon Kindle, Amazon Kindle 2 remains marginally short of being the definitive reading experience. At least that leaves Amazon room for improvement on the Kindle 3.

Feb 2009

DT Editors' Choice

Expertrecension från : John Brandon (

Amazon Kindle 2 Review


In the end, we heartily recommend the Amazon Kindle 2 over any other e-reader.

Easy access to new content; converts many different document types; free 3G access; wide selection of books; supports audiobooks

Hard to use at times; not as stylish as the Sony reader; limited support for free books

Mar 2009

Expertrecension från (

Amazon Kindle 2 review


Having already handled the Kindle 2 at its launch in New York City, we had a pretty good idea of what we'd be getting into after it arrived at the bunker. Onc...

Feb 2009

Expertrecension från : David Carnoy (

Amazon Kindle (global wireless review


Amazon announced August 2, 2010, that the model reviewed here will be replaced with an updated Kindle. As of August 27, 2010, the redesigned Kindle with ship in a Wi-Fi version for $139 and a Wi-Fi plus 3G version for $189.

Large library of tens of thousands of e-books, newspapers, magazines, and blogs via Amazon's familiar online store; built-in free wireless "Whispernet" data network that works in the U.S. and some countries abroad (no PC needed); built-in keyboard for...

No Wi-Fi; no expansion slot for adding more memory; no protective carrying case included; battery is sealed into the device and isn't removable; isn't compatible with loaner e-books from your local library that use the ePub format; if you're using the...

While the new internationalized Kindle looks exactly like the earlier U.S.-only model, this e-reader, which uses AT&T's data network for wireless access, represents an incremental improvement to the Kindle line--just as serious competition is ramping...

Nov 2009

Expertrecension från : Melissa J. Perenson (

Amazon Kindle 2 E-Reader Review


Lets you buy and download e-books wirelessly ; Improved screen text, and a slimmer profile

Joystick nav and buttons are stiff and awkward ; Need to use menu to disable wireless ; Amazon Kindle 2 E-Book Reader ; Kindle 2 Review, by Melissa J. Perenson, PC World March 5, 2009 ; At half the thickness of Amazon's first e-book reader, the Amazon...

Mar 2009

Expertrecension från (

Solid Improvements for Amazon's Kindle 2


The Kindle 2 is better looking, lighter, and the screen is even easier to read, but it's still difficult to view your own documents on the device.

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Feb 2009

Expertrecension från (

Cost-Justifying the Kindle 2


Will Amazon's newest e-book reader save you money? Does it matter?

Unfortunately, I have no plans to visit Paris or any other international destination these days. But I've got a Kindle 2 winging its way toward me. Lousy return on investment aside, a person's got to have something to look forward to

Feb 2009

Expertrecension från (

Amazon Kindle 2 Vs. Kindle Original: We Compare


We break down the key differences between the Amazon Kindle 2 and the company's original e-book reader.

On the whole, even though the original Kindle (at left) and the Kindle 2 share the same matte white color and have the same-size display (6 inches diagonally), their keyboards and their navigation buttons are clearly different. Here, you can see...

Feb 2009

Expertrecension från : Steven Levy (

Review: Kindle 2 Kindle 2 9/10 Learn How We Rate Wired The best e-reading system on the market. Welcome improvements to aesthetics, more functional industrial design, better...

The best e-reading system on the market. Welcome improvements to aesthetics, more functional industrial design, better graphics and longer battery life. Sleeker than the original: A third of an inch thick and 10 ounces. Southpaws rejoice: right- and...

Quite expensive. Book content shackled with DRM. Interface is improved, sure, but it could be even better. 6-inch screen holds only so many words per page. No native PDF reader. Display doesn’t rotate to landscape view. Only 1.4 of 2 GB is available...

Feb 2009