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alaTest har samlat in och analyserat 11 tester för Ectaco jetBook Lite. Det genomsnittliga betyget av denna produkt är 3.9/5, att jämföra med genomsnittsbetyget 4.1/5 för produkter i samma kategori. Designen och skärmen får positiva omdömen men konstruktionen uppskattas inte lika mycket. Åskterna går isär om storleken och bärbarheten .

batteri, användarvänlighet, skärm, design

lagring, prestanda, Tillförlitlighet, konstruktion

Vi har analyserat betyg från experter och användare, produktens ålder och andra faktorer. Jämfört med andra produkter i samma kategori belönas Ectaco jetBook Lite med en alaScore™ på 80/100 = Mycket bra kvalitet.


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Ectaco jetBook Lite


Son muchos los comentaristas que nos dicen que los libros electrónicos solo triunfarán cuando se empiecen a ver unidades por debajo de los 100 euros. Esta parece ser una cifra mágica, pues lo mismo habíamos oído de los reproductores de Blu-ray. Pero,...

Otro de los puntos en el que se ha ahorrado ha sido la batería, puesto que no incluye ninguna, dependiendo exclusivamente de cuatro pilas de tipo AA, lo que además hace que el grosor del lector sea superior a lo que estamos empezando a acostumbrarnos.

Användarrecension (

Good purchase for a beginner


Can not complain based on the price. I never owned an e reader and wanted to try one without having to spend a small fortune. Pretty simple and straightforward

Does not have much memory for the books I purchase because of the stuff already loaded on it (but I guess I could always delete that stuff). Very dim back light, might as well not even have one

Feb 2014

Användarrecension (

Great old tech


I'm going to get another as a backup since it looks like ECTACO is just draining/selling old stock. and nothing else on the market looks as good. If you want a Li-ion with audio, the aluratek?? looks like a similar reader without the replaceable...

Uses AA batteries ( a dead Li-ion battery does not cause this to be trash) Can use a separate Li-ion battery pack with the usb cord. (hint turn both the batter pack and the reader on after connecting the cord) Can carry hundreds, maybe thousands of...

Slow boot after battery change; confusing the first time Some think the reader is defective- hold the power button in for 5-6 seconds. Has a bit of trouble with self scanned pdf files (turn the reflow off to navigate) None of these are significant to me.

Dec 2013

Användarrecension (

Great Product


Opens many formats, e-books easily added to SD card and found by device. AA batteries instead of internal, no recharge required. Just pop in some fresh AAs.

No back light. Not really a big deal but for people who read in very low light or want to read in the dark you will need a book light or some other light source.

Apr 2013

Användarrecension (

ECTACO jetBook-Lite


If you know what you're doing with ebooks, this product is fine. If you don't, it may be a little weird. The pdf has reflow which is great for a device this cheap. If you have the option ePub is probably the best format for this device as it will keep...

Just about every format under the sun. SD Card Expandability. Form Factor. Price. Screen. Multi-lingual. Battery-life.

Different font selections would be nice. Battery indicator is pretty crappie. The 'book title+pagecount' ui chrome can't be toggled, so no full-screen experience. Black model was pictured, received a gray one. A circa-80's CASIO/RadioShak color gray...

Dec 2012

Användarrecension (

Back for another.


I bought my first jetBook Lite from Newegg in December, 2009, for $117.00; and I am so happy with it that I have bought another as a backup for less than half - $56.95. Note: My first unit just stopped working after a month, so I sent it back to Ectaco...

uses user-replaceable AA batteries, has better screen than eInk (the text is blacker), reads huge number of formats including Adobe ADE DRM ePub, uses SD memory cards (therefore, limitless memory), has 100 pre-installed public domain books (many...

heavy (due to the weight of the four AA batteries), no 3G or WiFi (you download books onto your computer and move them to your SD card), high fail rate among new units (so get a warranty)

Sep 2012

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Do Not Buy


Terrible piece of c&*p and waste of $120. You will be disappointed even if it cost thirty bucks. I repeat: Do Not Buy.

None that I can think of.

I bought this in Spring 2010. By Spring 2011 it broke. I am not sure how. It was in a suit case and perhaps got delicately squashed. I had a plate in there too that didn't break. A few months after I bought it the Kindle went down in price and now they...

Okt 2011

Användarrecension (



Buy it, you won't regret it. This little guy is on par if not better than some of the more expensive brands... Again Newegg exceeded my expectations.

Good little e-book reader, screen looks like paper (no glare), no back light so no eye strain, uses AA batteries (regular batteries last quite a while but if you use some lithium batteries... wow) and the battery encasement acts as a grip. Overall very...

Bottom little silver buttons used to turn page feel cheap but I have been using them on and off for about 6 months now and they still work fine... Not enough to knock an egg though. :)

Jun 2011

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A Solid Reader


The reader was quirky until the last firmware upgrade; it's much more stable now and the DRM support works great with my local lending library. I've read dozens of books on this reader and really enjoy the jetBook-Lite experience.

Generic AA batteries - universally available. Screen is easy on the eyes in lamplight or bright sunlight. Unlimited library size with SD cards. Device is light and easy to hold. Multi-format support and DRM friendly (library borrowing ability) makes...

Don't use the reader to transfer books to your SD card. Pop out the SD card, plug it into your computer usb (cheap card readers run $1), drag and drop your book onto the SD card, and pop it back into your jetBook-Lite. It takes a long while for the...

Maj 2011

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Almost perfect . . .


A couple of points: First, I don't care about wireless functionality. If the device was tied to a specific bookstore, it might be an issue. But it isn't, so I did not list it as a pro or a con. Secondly, it is possible to put kindle books from ama$on...

I am extremely happy with this purchase. I have also owned a Nook before but find the overall experience of this reader to be much better. *The form factor is perfect for holding with either one hand or two. *Very light. Can easily be held for extended...

While they did a fantastic job with the screen readability, the closer you hold the screen to your face, the worse the fonts become. They get slightly jagged and blurry. So if your eyesight isn't the greatest and you have to hold it very close, you may...

Maj 2011