Kobo Aura One (2016)

alaTest har samlat in och analyserat 177 tester för Kobo Aura One (2016). Det genomsnittliga betyget av denna produkt är 4.4/5, att jämföra med genomsnittsbetyget 4.3/5 för produkter i samma kategori. Designen och storleken får positiva omdömen men prestandan uppskattas inte lika mycket. Recensenterna har delade meningar om Tillförlitligheten.

skärm, bärbarhet, användarvänlighet, storlek, design

prisvärdhet, prestanda

Användare ger produkten betyget 89/100 och experter ger produkten betyg 83/100 i genomsnitt.


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Expertrecension från : Malarie Gokey (digitaltrends.com)

Kobo Aura One review


Kobo's Aura One is the best ebook reader you can buy. It's waterproof and boasts a brand-new big screen.

Big screen is sharp and crisp ; Supports any ebook format ; Long battery life ; Night mode eliminates blue light ; Waterproof

No page turning buttons ; Pricey

I thought ebook readers couldn’t get any better than Amazon’s Kindle Oasis, but Kobo’s Aura One has beaten the former best. You’ll still prefer the Oasis if you’re deeply embedded in Amazon’s Kindle ebook system, but if you don’t, the Aura One is...

Aug 2016

Expertrecension från : Séamus Bellamy (pcworld.com)

Rakuten Kobo Aura One Limited Edition Review: Keeping up with the Kindles isn't easy


Rakuten Kobo's Aura One Limited Edition e-reader wants to compete with the Kindle Oasis, with 32GB of storage and a few new software tricks up its sleeve. While it isn't quite up to the task, it still has a lot to offer certain readers.

Large, bright screen is perfect for reading graphic content ; 32GB of storage makes uploading large files to the device feel less cramped ; Access to OverDrive library service ; Excellent Pocket integration

Expensive for a device that brings little new to the table ; Screen lighting blurs text at higher illumination levels ; Build quality unimpressive compared to that of similarly priced Amazon hardware

When the Kobo Aura One was released in 2016, with its large, bright display and exclusives like Pocket and OverDrive integration, it had the potential to be a Kindle-killer. It was a flagship device that cost less and arguably did more than Amazon’s...

Jan 2018

Expertrecension från : James Peckham (techradar.com)

Kobo Aura One review


Bigger doesn't always mean better

Larger, beautiful screen ; Interesting night time reading idea ; Waterproof design

Hard to hold ; Expensive for some ; Lacking Amazon's store

The Aura One is one of the best premium ereader devices, but a larger screen on a Kobo may not be for everyone.

Okt 2016

Expertrecension från : Timothy Torres (pcmag.com)

Kobo Aura One


The Kobo Aura One is a solid waterproof ebook reader with an extra large display.

Big, bright screen. Adaptive backlight. Waterproof. Supports EPUB files. 8GB of internal storage.

Pricey. Screen has slightly shadowy edges. Lacks memory card slot.

Kobo Store and Conclusions The Kobo store is home to more than four million titles, including magazines and newspapers. In a random comparison, every major title I searched for was available from both Amazon and Kobo. Books are generally cheaper...

Aug 2016

Expertrecension från : David Price (techadvisor.co.uk)

Kobo Aura One review


We review the Kobo Aura One, a large-screen eReader with exceptional water-resistance and good night-time reading features

The price might seem off-putting at first (after all, it's possible to get a Kindle for a third of the price, if you're willing to put up with 'special offers', or £70 if you're not) but there's plenty here to justify the expense.

Okt 2017

Expertrecension från : Séamus Bellamy (pcworld.in)

Kobo Aura One Review: A big e-reader full of big ideas


E-readers are seldom exciting. They don't take big leaps forward, but are typically updated and improved on in baby steps. Occasionally, something like the Kobo Aura One comes along, offering enough tweaks and smart upgrades to make a few waves. It has...

Nov 2016

Expertrecension från : Séamus Bellamy (techhive.com)

Kobo Aura One Review: A big e-reader full of big ideas


The latest Kobo is a waterproof, feature-packed monster.

Highly water resistant (rated IPX8) ; Large display and editable typefaces make for enjoyable reading ; 8GB of onboard storage ; Lightweight for its size

Uneven, hazy backlighting ; No microSD card slot ; Some users will find it to be too large

Nov 2016

Expertrecension från : David Carnoy (cnet.co.uk)

Kobo Aura One review


Instead of going small with its new top-of-the-line e-reader , Kobo, now owned by online retailer Rakuten , has gone big. The Aura One ($230 in the US, £190 in the UK and AU$350 in Australia) sports a 7.8-inch e-ink display that's significantly larger...

The Kobo Aura One sports a 7.8-inch e-ink display that's significantly larger than the 6-inch e-ink displays found on all of Amazon's Kindle e-readers, it's waterproof, has an integrated light and built-in support for Overdrive library book loans.

Fairly pricey, may be a little too large for some people's hands and Kobo's content ecosystem can't match Amazon's.

The Kobo Aura One may not make you want to ditch your Kindle, but it does have some differentiating features that make it worth considering if you are in search of a non-Amazon e-reader.

Nov 2016

Expertrecension från (stuff.tv)

Kobo Aura One review


The best replacement yet for your tired old paperbacks

A screen as big as a paperback book ; Clever lighting, which won't keep you up at night ; Your new waterproof bathtime companion

You can't buy your books from Amazon ; That bigger screen means more to lug around

The best ereader yet and it's not a Kindle, which is arguably its only downside

Sep 2016

Expertrecension från : Chris Barraclough (recombu.com)

Kobo Aura One Review: In Depth


Kobo Aura One Review: We test out Kobo's latest e-reader, the waterproof Aura One, which can access over five million ebooks via Kobo's online store.

Waterproof ; Sharp, easy-to-read screen ; Adaptive brightness

Straightforward design ; Lacks Kindle features

Aug 2016