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alaTest har samlat in och analyserat 1590 tester för HP TouchPad. Det genomsnittliga betyget av denna produkt är 3.9/5, att jämföra med genomsnittsbetyget 4.2/5 för produkter i samma kategori. Designen och prisvärdheten får positiva omdömen men kameran uppskattas inte lika mycket. Recensenterna har delade meningar om storleken och skärmen .

prestanda, prisvärdhet, design, batteri, GPS

konstruktion, Tillförlitlighet, kamera

Användare ger produkten betyget 79/100 och experter ger produkten betyg 71/100 i genomsnitt.


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Expertrecension från : Tim Stevens (engadget.com)

HP TouchPad


As things get older they tend to get bigger. It's the same for people, corporations, models of cars, budget deficits... and so it is for webOS. As Palm was in the process of being subsumed its great mobile operating system was being eyed for much...

webOS 3.0 is slick ; Solid Facebook and e-mail apps ; Touch compatibility with Pre 3

Bulky hardware ; Occasionally spotty performance ; Very limited app selection

Jun 2011

Expertrecension från : Justin Yu (cnet.com)

HP X7000 Touch Mouse with Wi-Fi (Black) review


The growing number of peripherals that use USB to charge, pair, and activate a wireless connection can create a traffic jam of dongles that forces you to choose between devices. Hewlett-Packard's $60 X7000 Wi-Fi Touch Mouse eliminates the need for a...

The lightweight, ergonomic HP X7000 Wi-Fi Touch Mouse transmits a pairing signal through a wireless network to liberate precious USB ports for other peripherals.

The X7000's ergonomic shape alienates left-handed users, the oversensitive touch scroll pad doesn't compare to the tactility of a classic scroll wheel, and the driver software lacks tools to reroute the functions of the mouse buttons.

The HP X7000 Wi-Fi Touch Mouse frees up USB ports by pairing through a wireless adapter, but its hypersensitive touch dial and accident-prone design make it frustrating to use.

Feb 2012

Expertrecension från : Tim Gideon, David Pierce (pcmag.com)

HP TouchPad (Wi-Fi)


With solid hardware and a user-friendly operating system based around multitasking and intuitive organization, the HP TouchPad is the best non-Apple tablet we've tested. There aren't a lot of apps yet, but Android Honeycomb tablet manufacturers should...

Top-notch, intuitive user interface. Fast performance. 9.7-inch, 4:3 screen excellent for video and photos. Synergy features make integrating with social networks and websites easy. Strong Facebook app.

App is selection is limited at launch. No rear-facing camera or video-recording capabilities. Screen sometimes needs multiple taps. Almost twice as thick as the iPad 2.

Notifications are designed to be less invasive on the TouchPad than on Honeycomb tablets, but the end result is very similar: When you get an email message, a notification appears in the margin of your window, not in the middle of your screen where it...

Aug 2011

Expertrecension från : Donald Bell (cnet.com)

HP TouchPad review


HP could have taken the easy way out. Like many computer manufacturers today, HP could have easily jumped on the Google Android bandwagon, lobbed out a Honeycomb tablet, and called it a day. Instead, through hard work and some key acquisitions (most...

The HP TouchPad uses Palm's unique WebOS interface and delivers Adobe Flash-enabled Web browsing, Beats audio enhancement, and impressive compatibility with third-party calendar, messaging, and e-mail services.

The TouchPad has a thick, smudgy design, offers no rear camera or HD video capture, includes a limited app selection, and its unique cards system of multitasking isn't as fully utilized as it could be.

The TouchPad would have made a great competitor for the original iPad, but its design, features, and speed put it behind today's crop of tablet heavyweights.

Jun 2011

Expertrecension från : Anand Lal Shimpi (anandtech.com)

The HP TouchPad Review: webOS on the Big Screen


If this were a race of numbers, Apple would have already won. It isn't. The iPad 2, as successful as it is, isn't perfect. There's tons of room for innovation and we're seeing its competitors offer clear examples of that innovation. As with any market,...

Jul 2011

Expertrecension från : Chris Hall (pocket-lint.com)

HP TouchPad


For many, separating the HP TouchPad from it's webOS Palm origins will be difficult. It picks up many of the nicer features of the Pre phones, including the Touchstone wireless charging option, and of course an operating system that offers the sort of...

Slick interface, intuitive, integration of existing accounts and services through Synergy, multitasking

Plastic build, question over speed of app development, only a front-facing camera

The HP TouchPad will be the perfect tablet for a lot of people. The points we love about webOS pour into HP’s tablet bringing with it an experience that rivals the iPad and the best from Honeycomb. The intuitive nature and the wide support of Synergy...

Jun 2011

Expertrecension från : Stuff.tv (stuff.tv)

HP TouchPad review


The new HP Touchpad is the closest thing to an iPad we've seen so far. The first rash of tablets were big phones, while Android Honeycomb brought a second wave of more advanced – dare we say geeky – tablets that added 3D cameras, keyboards, and places...

Jun 2011

Expertrecension från : Stuart Miles (pocket-lint.com)

HP TouchPad hands-on - Pocket-lint


HP launched the TouchPad at the beginning of the February alongside the HP Veer and the HP Pre3. We know we've already brought you a first hands-on of

Feb 2011

Expertrecension från : Matthew Bolton (techradar.com)

HP TouchPad review


HP webOS finally arrives on tablets, but how does it stand up to the competition?

Handsome design ; Reasonable price ; Good multitasking ; HP Pivot is great

Performance is inconsistent ; Screen is dim ; Fingerprint-tastic ; No video-out

When HP bought Palm, it was widely considered to have been mostly fuelled by the desire to acquire the webOS operating system.

Jun 2011

Expertrecension från : Thomas Newton (recombu.com)

HP TouchPad Review: In Depth


The HP TouchPad is the first tablet from HP, based on the Palm operating system seen in the Pre 2 and more recently the Pre 3. With the Apple iPad in its second incarnation and a multitude of Honeycomb…

Aug 2011

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