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alaTest har samlat in och analyserat 24 tester för Sony Dash. Det genomsnittliga betyget av denna produkt är 3.9/5, att jämföra med genomsnittsbetyget 4.2/5 för produkter i samma kategori. Många gillar skärmen och användarvänligheten. Storleken uppskattas inte lika mycket.

användarvänlighet, skärm

prestanda, konstruktion, batteri, storlek

Användare ger produkten betyget 79/100 och experter ger produkten betyg 70/100 i genomsnitt.


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Sony Dash review


As an evolution of one of CNET's favorite technological misfits, the Chumby , the Sony Dash offers a range of online news and media, boiled down to a small, simple, touch-screen device. We can't say it's the most practical piece of tech you'll own, but...

The Sony Dash delivers a personalized buffet of news, music, and video from across the Web, packed into a 7-inch touch-screen display.

For all its features, nothing about the Dash really stands out as a pillar function. The built-in speakers are wimpy. You can't run it using batteries. Touch-screen sensitivity is sluggish.

The Sony Dash is a fun device for tech enthusiasts looking to cram the Web into every corner of their homes, but it's not a fit for everyone.

Maj 2010

Användarrecension (

"Very nice on paper. Ridiculously bad in real life."


Don't waste your money. Just buy a normal alarm clock and you'll be much happier.

Tells the time.

Slow. Very slow. Slow to load. Slow to change. Slow.

Apr 2013

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"Alarm clock for geeks"


It does what it needs to. Great little device for the night table but has some room to improve for the next version!

Easy to use/set-up

Sound is OK for the size but since it's Sony it should be better

Aug 2012

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Alarm clock for geeks


It does what it needs to. Great little device for the night table but has some room to improve for the next version!

Easy to use/set-up Nice features for a quick morning glance Some advanced streaming features that go beyond alarm-clock functionality

Sound is OK for the size but since it's Sony it should be better No battery backup

Aug 2012

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The perfect phone


If I didn't have my 2 year old dash in perfect scratch free condition (even though I dropped it a couple of times) I would buy this in a heartbeat again. I used my upgrade to buy my sister a Moto Zine. And kept my dash till something worthy to take...

This phone will not be beat by anything until HTC releases something with a better camera. This phone looks bad in pictures but in the palm of your hand is a little wonder. I don't believe there are any smartphones this small anywhere with a full...

Camera stinks. It is 1 megapixel. If your hand isn't perfectly still picture will be blurry. But it is usable. - No headphone jack. But you can buy a 6 dollar adapter like I did

Dec 2008

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Great Phone


Look for those with issues you must be running the standard ROM or have not atleast run an update. There are many, many ROM's that can be downloaded and ran on this phone. (WM 6.1) All you got to do is google T-Mobile Dash ROM and you'll see the screen...

This is a gret phone with a ton of potential

small keys, NOt Coffee Proof

Dec 2008

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The Dash


By what I have been told by one of the T-mobile reps the new T-mobile Dash will have 3g capabilities so getting on the internet will be a lot quicker. Cant wait to see the newest unit.

You know reading some of the reviews i understand some of the problems that these people were having like the slowness and the locking up, but after a while i realized that the Dash had not been updated. I gave the system an update (not the os but the...

On the con side I have a static ip network at home, but trying to get the unit on my wireless network is a no go since the unit has no interface to set a static ip, so i had to purchase the data plan for the Dash, on the plus side this enable me to use...

Dec 2008

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Great Phone!


I guess some folks have never had a smartphone before. Ask anyone with an iphone how often they have to charge their batteries. This will work fine if you charge every night (it'll work longer if you don't have wifi turned on). I've had this phone for...

Built-in media player, plays videos, mp3's etc. Thousands of windows mobile apps you can add to it. Records voice memos. Works with both standard AND stereo bluetooth headphones (try that on an iphone, can't do it). Use ANY mp3 for a ringtone. Great...

Would have been nice to have more internal memory and a faster processor. Regular speaker volume is low (headphone volume is fine), difficult to see screen in bright sunlight. Occasionally the windows mobile 6 voice command can be difficult to work with

Dec 2008

Användarrecension (

Be prepared to check your voicemail often!


It had so many good things going for it, but due to deal-killers like voicemail notification, bad sound, bad camera, and slow software, it is only marginally usable and I regret buying it.

Bluetooth works well, even in my car. Speakerphone works well and is adequately loud ; Sturdy construction. It has received much abuse, yet the buttons all work and the screen is easily readable. Screen seems especially scratch resistant. No case or...

Do not rely on this phone to indicate that you have new voicemail. Most phones have a persistent indicator that displays as long as you have new messages and will chirp every hour or so. The Dash has no way to do this. I missed quite a few important...

Sep 2008

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Great Features, Slow + Battery Life sucks


Buy a smart phone OTHER than this, have it unlocked and use it wherever you want. You have SOOO Many other alternatives to this thing ... I'll continue to use it, but first chance I get .. Im gonna get me an unlocked iPhone 1gen ...

Great, sleek design. I like the way it feels in my small pudgy fat sausage hands. It's not exactly PRETTY, but it makes up with it in the matt-black finish, and the bright screen

It's slow. It's running the LIGHT version of the mobile OS, which blows my mind that it's so darn slow. It's even worse on battery life. I have like 5 email accounts on the phone that check every 30m (this isn't even a BIG deal for most phones at all)...

Aug 2008

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