Vulcan Challenger II Tablet PC

alaTest har samlat in och analyserat 12 tester för Vulcan Challenger II Tablet PC. Det genomsnittliga betyget av denna produkt är 3.6/5, att jämföra med genomsnittsbetyget 4.2/5 för produkter i samma kategori. Konstruktionen och prisvärdheten får positiva omdömen men designen uppskattas inte lika mycket. Åskterna går isär om bärbarheten och batteriet .

användarvänlighet, skärm, prestanda, prisvärdhet, konstruktion

lagring, Tillförlitlighet, design, pekskärm, anslutningar

Vi har analyserat betyg från experter och användare, produktens ålder och andra faktorer. Jämfört med andra produkter i samma kategori belönas Vulcan Challenger II Tablet PC med en alaScore™ på 80/100 = Mycket bra kvalitet.


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not bad


it's a great tablet for this price

The screen looks great. windows 10 works very well on this tablet. it runs every app that I would want a tablet for like Internet browsing and video streaming, but it's definitely not for gaming. also, it feels sturdy.

it didn't have enough internal memory to install McAfee for anti virus software

Feb 2016

Användarrecension (

Good little tablet


Have had this tablet for a year now. At first had trouble using it. I soon realized the main problem was the OS. It came with windows 8.1. Need I say more. I finally got use to it but as such I only used it for basic net surfing, and playing solitaire....

Great screen resolution

Needs more main memory, and DDR3 memory

Dec 2015

Användarrecension (

Fail to meet expectactions


Thought having a windows OS would help to connect other devices but interface is not well suited for such low resolution.


Quickly started to show issues : -Seems like it has overheating issue, soon after the screen will freeze with a grey screen and could not be rebooted for some times. -Also, the language switched to spanish a couple of times for absolutely no reasons.

Dec 2015

Användarrecension (

Crapped out after 8 months of little usage


I've contacted Vulcan and will see what they say. They've generated a ticket and assigned a "Senior Engineer". Seriously Vulcan, how stupid do you think people are? You're assigning and Engineer to this? Please just get me a free replacement or give me...

Sturdy build, although entirely plastic. Don't understand how one user comes to the conclusion that the casing is made of aluminum. That's entirely untrue. But it's so sturdy that one could easily crack the screen while attempting to bend or flex it....

The power adapter failed on day 1. It charged for about 30 minutes, then stopped. I tested it with other devices and it just will not work anymore. I have some other compatible adapters at home with 5V and 2A. Two of them hardly charged this computer...

Aug 2015

Användarrecension (

Tremendous Bang for your Buck


Great deal, I would highly recommend this if you are looking to save money or are interested in a small windows PC to get work done or play simple games. Makes a great emulator machine too.

It's an Intel-based Windows PC for dirt cheap, with a good quality display and a tough aluminum body. For what you get it's a steal. My battery life is probably 4-8 hours depending on what I'm doing, and since it's a full version of Windows I can...

There isn't much storage. Windows takes up 6 GB, plus there is a 4GB recovery partition, and of course you need space for your swap file and updates. If you install Office, this leaves you with only a few hundred MB free on the main drive, although you...

Apr 2015

Användarrecension (

Small, but does the job


The device fits our need for a small device we can take with us on outings so that we can complete school assignments and projects. After Windows completes its' install there is not much memory left so adding the SD card is recommended. The device has...

Good touchscreen sensitivity Build quality compact size

low memory (Needs SD expansion) long charge time

Mar 2015

Användarrecension (

Further Thoughts


Overall, there's some annoyances to deal with. So you're getting what you pay for with such a cheap price. But despite it, it works just fine for what I got it for. I bring it to work and go sit out in my car during breaks and lunch and either read up...

Nice bright screen, not too laggy. The little bluetooth keyboard it came with is cool, and if you paired it with a bluetooth mouse I'll bet this little guy could play a mean game of Warcraft III (if you share the CDrom from your PC over the network to...

This bloody thing shuts off after like 2 minutes to save battery, almost regardless of what you're actively doing. It's what it's set to do by default in the windows settings, but I even changed this and STILL it shuts off after 2 minutes while I'm in...

Mar 2015

Användarrecension (

INTERESTING Windows tablet


Read all the previous reviews and been playing with this for several days. Let me address some of the previous comments. Mine's running at 1.33 GHz as reported by the tablet itself (not 1.83).Still, does not feel slow. My Windows came activated. My...

A full Windows 8.1 tablet inexpensively Good screen Good speed Office 365 Full year subscription Case AND keyboard

Almost no storage 8 inches pretty small for Windows Poor build quality

Mar 2015

Användarrecension (

Great buy!


I purchased this for my boyfriend as a surprise gift seeing as how he had been over working and always on the computer, making us spend less time together. I couldn't be any happier i purchased this! He now works from the wonderful tab! He has been...

There is really nothing to complain about.

Feb 2015

Användarrecension (

Good value


I'd buy this again. In fact my mother saw this and wants one for herself!

Great price. Charged relatively quickly, ready to use out of the box. Purchased for work use, with a micro mouse this tablet works perfectly for spreadsheets on the go. Packs into my briefcase using minimal space. Easily syncs with my work and home...

It's what I expected-- its not the fastest, it doesn't have a huge amount of storage, and it has a few quirks-- you have to select the on screen keyboard to fill in fields-- something an Ipad does automatically. BUT, this is a lot less expensive than...

Jan 2015

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