Frequently asked questions

Does alaTest test any products?

No, we do not test any products ourselves. We leave all testing up to worldwide experts representing credible sources to perform product tests.

Does alaTest show complete professional product reviews?

No, we present summaries of hundreds of thousands professional reviews; if there is a particular review you are interested in, we encourage you to click on the respective link to come to the original source. In some cases, publishers charge a fee for the complete content. We work independently from test sources and do not receive any revenue from traffic and acknowledge all the test sources integrated in the database.

Does alaTest sell any test?

No, we deliver valuable information for free. If you represent a product manufacturer, we can help you with global media scanning services for a convenient price. Please check our business section for further inquires.

Which products are included in the alaTest database?

We are in our initial phase and currently we concentrate our service on product quality information for the categories photography, home electronics and telephony. New categories will be coming up soon!

Can alaTest help me with a product test that is not yet available in the website?

Our database is constantly updated with latest test available in the market. If you did not find a test or test source in our website, please feel free to send us your tips and we will do our best to help you better!

Can I report incorrect product detail information and/or links?

Absolutely! Although alaTest strives for presenting accurate information to our visitors, technical or human errors can occur. We welcome suggestions as we persistently look for new ways to improve our services and apologize for potential errors on the site. Please contact us and we will make every effort to improve our service!

Will alaTest share my personal information?

No, the personally identifiable information we collect is not shared with third parties and we only use it for internal purposes. For more details, please read our privacy policy.

Does alaTest sell any products?

No, we are neither a merchant nor a shopping engine and therefore we do not sell any products. Instead, our goal is to simplify your shopping by aggregating product quality information with product specifications and local price information in a simple and comprehensive way.

Are the prices at alaTest up to date?

We strive to show up-to-date and accurate information and our database is updated on a daily basis with information from our partners. Yet, for security purposes we encourage you to check directly with the retailer to confirm availability, price and shipping costs.

Do the prices shown at alaTest include shipping cost?

Each shopping engine within the alaTest’s network has a different policy regarding shipping cost. We encourage you to click on the link from each partner and their respective retailer for further clarifications.

I need help with a product I purchased. Can alaTest help me

As we do not sell any product, we recommend you to contact directly the retailer from which you made your purchase.

Do I have to be a member to receive alaTest newsletter?

No, you only have to subscribe to the alaTest newsletter. Members are automatically subscribed to the newsletter.