Barnes & Noble Nook Simple Touch

alaTest har samlat in och analyserat 822 tester för Barnes & Noble Nook Simple Touch. Det genomsnittliga betyget av denna produkt är 3.9/5, att jämföra med genomsnittsbetyget 4.1/5 för produkter i samma kategori. Storleken och prestandan uppskattas av många men Tillförlitligheten uppskattas inte lika mycket.

användarvänlighet, bärbarhet, prestanda, batteri, storlek


Användare ger produkten betyget 78/100 och experter ger produkten betyg 83/100 i genomsnitt.


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Expertrecension från : PC Magazine (

Barnes & Noble Nook Simple Touch With GlowLight


Edge lighting works very well. Slightly lighter than the Simple Touch. Memory card slot and ePUB compatibility add flexibility. Includes AC adapter

Rubberized bezel attracts dust. Page turn buttons are a bit stiff (although you don?t need to use them, thanks to the touch screen)

An E Ink reader you can use in the dark? Yep. Barnes & Noble delivers the first ebook reader with edge lighting that really works. And it's a winner.

Jan 2012

Expertrecension från : Paul Miller (

Barnes & Noble Nook review (2011)


The new Nook from Barnes & Noble has this funny little trick: I keep on reading on it. In fact, despite my best efforts otherwise, I'm often reading the very book I planned on reading, or the book...

Simple, intuitive touch UI ; Highly responsive ; Comfortable in hand

Can’t access the stronger Kindle ecosystem ; Single purpose ; E Ink is showing its age

The new Nook enters a highly competitive market, but it’s still a world ripe for new and better ideas — we’re still waiting on the perfect reader

Jun 2011

Expertrecension från : David Carnoy (

Barnes & Noble Nook Simple Touch review


Barnes & Noble Nook Simple Touch

The 2011 Nook is a compact and lightweight e-book reader with a responsive high-contrast Pearl e-ink touch screen that offers quick page turns. It's got built-in Wi-Fi for direct access to the online Barnes & Noble store, an expansion slot for...

The 2011 Nook has no support for audio, no 3G option, and no Web browser. The rubberized finish on the back of device attracts fingerprints.

The new touch-screen Nook is a major advancement over its predecessor and offers some real advantages over the 2010 Kindle.

Maj 2011

Reddot design award winner 2010!

Expertrecension från : reddot ( (UK))

Nook Simple Touch E-book Reader


The rounded edges and soft-touch rear of this e-book reader lend it a pleasantly tactile appeal.

Expertrecension från : Dave McClintock (

Barnes & Noble Nook Simple Touch (Late 2011) Review and Ratings


The Nook Simple Touch is a more-than-worthy competitor to Amazon's 2011 Kindle Touch. It's a good e-reader for those not wedded to Amazon or who want access to the wide ePub content available from public libraries and e-book sellers.

Sturdy build ; Physical page-turn buttons, in addition to touch screen ; Useful sharing integration with social contacts ; EPub support ; Same price as ad-laden Kindle Touch, and much cheaper than ad-free version ; AC adapter included

Slightly wider than competitors (though that's a benefit to some) ; No audio-playback or Web-browsing functions

With its lightweight, grippable design, well-rounded annotation and sharing tools, and integration with Barnes & Noble's content and "read-anywhere" platforms, the Nook Simple Touch is a more-than-worthy competitor in the e-reader wars, circa late 2011.

Nov 2011

Expertrecension från : Cecilia (

Find Yourself a Comfortable (All-New) NOOK and have a Good Read


I have to admit I have had a life long love affair with books. I love the smell of a brand new paperback. I love the texture and heft of a leather bound

Aug 2011

Expertrecension från : Sean Brunett (

Barnes & Noble Nook Touch review


The all-new Nook (aka the Nook Touch) is Barnes & Noble's follow-up to their successful e-reader of the same name, which for months served as the Kindle's primary competitor. BN,...

One of the reasons the Nook Color gained so much popularity throughout the Android community was because it was so easy to hack. The Nook Touch has already been rooted and was even spotted running Angry Birds. Now the experience on a device with a...

Jul 2011

Expertrecension från : (

Barnes & Noble Nook Simple Touch Reader Barnes & Noble Nook Color


Sharp Pearl E-Ink display, great touch experience, great battery life, small and light

WiFi shortens battery life considerably, some light ghosting of text

The Barnes & Noble New Nook is one of our top picks among ereaders. It has a Pearl E Ink screen with a very well done touch user interface, it’s fast, it supports all manner of ePub with and without DRM, and it’s small and lightweight. The every sixth...

Jun 2011

Expertrecension från : Todd Haselton (

Barnes & Noble ‘All-New NOOK’ review


Barnes & Noble took the wraps off of its latest eReader, the “All-New NOOK,” just last month. Its grayscale screen strays from the NOOK Color, and while the device still runs Android, it looks and feels much more like a traditional eReader. However,...

The choice between going with a Barnes & Noble eReader and an Amazon reader is a tough one. Amazon offers the new “Kindle with Special Offers” for $114, which is surely an attractive offer to some (in fact, it’s currently the best selling Kindle). The...

Jun 2011

Expertrecension från : Noah Kravitz (

Barnes & Noble (all-new) Nook First Impressions


Yesterday, Barnes & Noble PR called. Today FedEx showed up. Later this afternoon I have a product briefing phone call. Must mean the new Nook is in the house! Some of you may recall how I fawned over Nook Color to no end, proclaiming it everything from...

Jun 2011