Olympus ES 10

Olympus ES 10
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Jan 2019

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EISA Award - Best Product

Expertrecension från : EISA (eisa.eu)

Olympus ES-10

Jun 1997

Expertrecension från (imaging-resource.com)

Digital Film Scanners - Olympus ES-10 Film Scanner Review, Information, and Specifications


1770 dpi/3.84 Megapixel, Mac or PC, SCSI or parallel interface, slide or negative, 35mm or APS film. (APS via optional $199 adapter.) 24-bit with multi-sample enhancement to 30 bits "effective." $399 list price

Användarrecension (photographyreview.com)

Olympus ES-10


Absolutely fab scanner, with no real problems to speak of. Can be used with Win XP, but prefers 98. Quality of scans on 126 and 35mm slides fab up to 8x12 print size. My dad had nearly 1,000 slides over 40 years old from his South Pacific travels. I...

Ease of use, Scanning quality, Build quality.

Suffers with dark positive slides, ( to be expected given the amount of light needed to pass through the slide. Also scanning times, 5mins for high res. Although I have nothing to compare with on this.

Jan 2010

Användarrecension (photographyreview.com)

Olympus ES-10


Great product.

Scanning slides and APS film.

No driver to support any Windows operating system higher than 98. It runs great on a dinosaur!

Jan 2003

Användarrecension (photographyreview.com)

Olympus ES-10


Someone donated this scanner to my company, and so I have been using it, but I have become progressively more dissatisfied. The bulb was getting dimmer and dimmer, leading to scans that were unacceptably dark. I sent it in to be fixed and they send it...

um, can't really think of any

see my main review

Okt 2002

Användarrecension (photographyreview.com)

Olympus ES-10


Judging by the other reviews, maybe mine has a fault. It's very slow and frustrating to use, TWAIN compatibility with popular software is suspect, and the results are not that good anyway. It will take many lifetimes to do all the scans I want with...

Quick preview. Cheap.

Awful software. The curve-based corrections are very difficult to use. Poor negative film profiles. Transparency scans all have a magenta cast. Sharp diagonal lines separate into green/magenta bars at all but highest resolution. No ICM profile....

Apr 2001

Användarrecension (photographyreview.com)

Olympus ES-10


Very upset with Olympus for not supporting this product with Windows ME. Including the APS adapter I just spent over $500 for this product that they have no intensions of supporting with the new operating systems.

Easy to use, has adapter for APS film Good quality

Will not work on Windows ME

Feb 2001

Användarrecension (photographyreview.com)

Olympus ES-10


Cheap, good at the price. I still recommend against, you will too soon find the weaknesses and want smoething better.

Price, simplicity, with good film it makes good scans. DON'T use it to save "not so good" shots. Good optics.

Small dynamic range, HP6300 flatbed scanner with dias adapter is better. Lousy SW, will only work on W3.11, W95, W98 Not NT,2000. NO new SWversions available. New film definitions would also be nice.

Feb 2001

Användarrecension (photographyreview.com)

Olympus ES-10


Its a nice little scanner but I find that its a tad annoying at times. Some of my scans come out way too dark. The film holder is difficult to deal with sometimes as the negatives tend to slide around about 1-2 degs while closing it. Also, the holder...


negative holder isn't great, twain software poor quality, scans dark

Jan 2001

Användarrecension (photographyreview.com)

Olympus ES-10


If you are thinking of getting in to digital and you dont want to waste your 35mm SLR kit, then this could be what you need. I thought that I would improve and by a Acer scanwit ( higher res ) but after testing it could not see the sense in spending...

Easy to use, low cost, starting to be available second hand.

Slow by todays standards. and only 24 bit.

Nov 2000